Extra Sonic Practice (ESP) are a group of scholars and artists from the University of Lincoln who work with sound in multiple contexts and configurations. Playfully and knowingly (re)appropriating the abbreviation from its origin – Extra Sensory Perception – ESP is a response to the growing prevalence of sound within various disciplinary contexts.

The ‘extra’ of the group’s title points to sound’s connections to and overlapping with other media, sensory phenomena and theoretical concepts. It also alludes to the difficulty in drawing a clear distinction between the sonic and the vibrational, the heard and the felt, audibility and inaudibility.

If you would like to get involved please get in touch:

Sandra Kazlauskaite: skazlauskaite@lincoln.ac.uk
Frances Morgan: fmorgan@lincoln.ac.uk
Gábor Gergely: ggergely@lincoln.ac.uk