Tuning#2: Sounds of the Stars

The Extra-Sonic Practice research group are pleased to host the next event in our ‘Tuning’ Series 

Tuning#2: Sounds of the Stars: Approaches to Stardom, Genre and National Identity via Accent, Diction and Voice Performance. 

Thursday 16th May, 4pm, ATB3116.  

A roundtable/workshop with Georgia Brown (Queen Mary University of London, ‘Vivien Leigh’s Star Image and Vocal Performances’), Anna Martonfi (University of East Anglia, ‘Miklós Galla’s Voice Performance and Transnational Comedy’) and Gábor Gergely (University of Lincoln, ’Schwarzenegger, Accent and Belonging’).

All welcome! 

ESP events series: Tuning

Over the next few months, the Extra Sonic Practice research group will be hosting a series of events around the cross-disciplinary theme ‘Tuning’. Thinking and doing with ‘Tuning’ will take us from accents to autotune, eavesdropping to organs. Our first event will feature a performance talk and workshop by artist and lecturer Rebecca Collins at 4pm on Wednesday 10th April 2019. All welcome!

Necessary Note is the title of a sonic detective novel written by Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley (forthcoming Copy Press, 2019). Working as Stolen Voices, Collins and Linsley have been engaged in an extended eavesdropping practice along the coast of the UK since 2014.

A core motivation for this listening process is a semi-fictional story we tell ourselves (and anyone else who is listening): some ‘event’ has taken place and we have been tasked with the job of figuring out what that is. We currently conceive of this as a methodology of sonic detection which uses techniques of extraction and abstraction to undertake a deep investigation of place. This process is informed by an extended ‘on the ground’ consultation with specific geographical locations along the east coast of the UK and further explored through key literary, socio-political readings. The urgency of the investigation is fuelled by concrete concerns found in heightened forms at the border/margin of the country: the uncertain future of the UK’s relationship to Europe; the effects of climate change on coastal landscapes; the waning of industries like manufacturing and coal extraction; the development of globalised logistics. By using a semi-fictional framework, we move away from mapping techniques like data sonification and towards a methodology that embraces gaps and inventive excesses. Unfolding over a number of years, in response to what we hear, the investigation proceeds slowly, in the opened up and hollowed out spaces of ‘sonorous time’ (Jean-Luc Nancy, 2007).

Part performance, part methodological exposition, for the extra sonic practice research group at the University of Lincoln Rebecca invites you to listen in on a sequence of eavesdropped extracts from the coast of the UK and will share extracts from the forthcoming publication. This will be followed by a series of eavesdropping exercises that have informed the development of this investigation.


Rebecca Collins is an artist researcher working at the intersection between contemporary performance and sound. Her practice, grounded in specific sites or communities, investigates the relationships between social, political and cultural phenomena. Rebecca is a lecturer in contemporary art theory at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

ESP#2: Photos

Thanks to everyone who came to ESP#2. It was wonderful to see so many familiar and not so familiar faces! We were very pleased to have such a great turn out for the event (a rough headcount suggested around 60 audience members!) and are looking forward to planning ESP#3. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the event.

oboecrowd 2 stewart + duncan   coat hangers Samuel cymbalbecca and samuel   beccaparticipation2audience participation participation 3

Extra-sonic practice @ Sonophilia Festival

We are delighted to be hosting two events as part of this year’s Sonophilia festival. On Tuesday 4th October we will be holding ESP#2: A evening of extra-sonic performances; and on Wednesday 5th October, we will be hosting a research seminar on Sound, Space and Listening. More information about these events can be found below, on the ESP Facebook page or on the Sonophilia website




ESP #2: An evening of extra-sonic performances

Tuesday 4th October, St Mary Le Wigford Church, Lincoln, 7.00-9.30pm.


Rebecca Lee with Samuel Rodgers –  a delicate live performance with flute and electronics.

Emily Wilczek presents ‘Ear Gongs’ – audience interactive sounding of the church

Linda Kemp and Marie Thompson – live improvisation

Gruinard Ensemble – live improvisation & drone.


Extra-sonic practice research group presents:

Sound, Space and Listening: with Louise K Wilson (Leeds), Rebecca Lee (Nottingham) and Samuel Rodgers (Birmingham)

Lincoln School of Film and Media Research Seminar, Wednesday 5th October

MC3107, MHT Building, University of Lincoln, 1.00pm-3.00pm

Please note that the research seminar is free to attend but places are limited. You can register for the seminar here 

Louise K Wilson

Listening to the background

Louise’s work often incorporates field recordings to ask questions about the spatio-temporal physicality of institutional sites and our perceptions of them. She has previously travelled to numerous (military and scientific) locations including nuclear submarines, US listening stations, university halls, marine research environments, rocket launch sites and disused RAF bases in pursuit of the acoustics of these complex spaces. More recent work however uses ‘found sound’ such as cinema soundtracks and a personal archive of recorded interviews (made from the age of eleven onwards) to explore our relationship with the recorded past and the voice. She will be reflecting on how audio recording devices used to frame and mediate the world, also subject it to the affective power of memory and sensation.

Louise K Wilson is a visual artist whose work frequently involves the participation of individuals from industry, museums, medicine and the scientific community in its making.  Recent exhibitions include Submerged: Silent Service (Ohrenoch, Berlin, 2015); Duet for One: Intangible Culture (Ohrenhoch, Berlin, 2014); Dukes Wood, Nottingham (2013); Topophobia (Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool and Spacex Gallery, Exeter, 2012. She is a lecturer in Art and Design at the University of Leeds. For further information: lkwilson.org


Rebecca Lee and Samuel Rodgers

If the bell rings, we will hear it

If the bell rings, we will hear it is a project that explores the reciprocity between materials, space and environment in live improvised performance. Through a series of performances and residencies, Rebecca and Samuel will develop a new body of work that focuses on the performer, their materials, the space, environment, and audience as listening, seeking to allow synchronicities between these elements to emerge through an intuitive approach to performance. Their performance at ESP #2 marks the start of the project, so here, they share some of the approaches and ideas guiding their work; how they differentiate their approach from other improvised music; and their interest in the sonic language that emerges through nurturing such an approach to listening.

Rebecca Lee and Samuel Rodgers have been working together since 2013 when they performed a number of scores by Jack Harris as part of his residency at Primary in Nottingham. In 2014 they performed a new work at Rammel Club in Nottingham, later performing this work as part of Oxford Improvisers’ programme. Since that time they have been developing their improvisatory practice for prepared flute and piano, as well as a more expansive performance practice that explores relations between materials, touch, movement, space, and listening.