Geom – 22 channel sound work

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Geom is a new sound wall commission by David McSherry for the exhibition, The Russell Chantry: Lothar Götz/ Duncan Grant at The Collection, Lincoln. In this piece, David uses sound to respond to the work of both Duncan Grant and Lothar Götz, creating an entirely new experience.

Sacred music is at the centre of this composition. David chose John Taverner’s ‘The Lamb’ as a starting point, in response to the imagery of the Good Shepherd in Duncan’s mural. Religious music also plays an important role in our experience of the original Russell Chantry mural, the sound of choirs and hymns permeate into the chapel space from the main cathedral. This work brings our attention to something we do not often consider when in an art gallery, the sounds around us and how these can affect our experience.

After deconstructing the harmonic aspects of ‘The Lamb‘, David then uses simple trianglular waveforms and a ‘geometric sequencer’ in order to create rhythmic patterns in the piece, in response to Lothar’s geometric shapes. Playing the work across the 22 audio channels of our permanent soundwall creates what David calls audible ‘sound shapes’. Here David pushes the boundaries between visual and audible art and experience.

Commissioned by The Collection with support from Arts Council England, 2016.

Words by Jenny Gleadell.

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